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Corporate Services
Corporate Services

You're a settled expatriate, a global citizen. You live, work and play in the global economy. And chances are you've accumulated substantial assets during your time abroad.

Look over the services below, and see how we can help you enhance your financial life and make the most of your situation

Executive Plus gives you the advantages of two accounts - a deposit account with interest paid gross* and cheque facilities in a range of currencies. Plus a VISA™ Gold Debit Card is included so you’ll have ATM access to local currencies.

You'll enjoy the convenience of online banking with telephone support, plus you'll have the assistance of a team of dedicated Relationship Managers.

For an effective cash management strategy, one could combine the Executive Plus account with either Alliance Investment Trust Bank
 International Currencies Fund Limited or the Fixed Term Deposit. This would give one the opportunity to offset currency fluctuations and earn a higher return on one's cash reserves while staying relatively liquid.

With your everyday banking and savings needs covered by the above, you’ll want to ensure that your investments are working as hard as you do. We can offer you a range of investment opportunities that are designed to do just that.

And wherever you happen to be on the spectrum of risk-reward, level of investment or degree of participation in decision making, we have an investment vehicle that will fit.

Standard Chartered Bank
 Global Funds offer a wide range of risk-reward opportunities and are an easy, cost-effective way to participate in the world bond and equities markets. And since all of our Global Funds are no-load (there are no up front fees), all of your money is working for you from day one.

With an entry level of only US$10,000 [or equivalent currency], our Global Funds are an ideal and economical way to enter the world of international investing.

Full Service Investment Advisory is for clients with $250,000 or more in investable assets and who want the individually-tailored investment advisory service of Amsterdam's leading full service investment dealer.

If your investable assets are in the 7-figure range, you may be interested in our Discretionary Investment Management and our International Trust and Estate Planning services.

Your next step

If you'd like to know more about any specific service above, just click on the contact us logo. Better yet, why not write us find out how we can help you make the most of your situation.

Product Overview

* Readers should note that although interest is paid gross, you may well be liable to tax on this income in the jurisdiction in which you pay tax. In these circumstances, you are obliged to declare this income to the relevant tax authority.

VISA™ Registered trademark of VISA International Service Association, used under license.

Financial Services for Expatriates are provided by various Standard Chartered Bank
 entities located in a number of different jurisdictions. Readers should note that the regulatory regime applying, including any investor protection or depositor compensation arrangements may well be different from that of their home jurisdiction.

The above is intended as general information only and is not intended as taxation or investment advice. Readers should always obtain independent professional advice particular to their individual circumstances

Readers should always obtain independent tax and investment advice particular to their individual circumstances.

Depending upon your citizenship and residency some products and services may not be available to you. In particular: Standard Chartered Bank  Global Funds are not available to citizens or residents of the United States of America and residents of Amsterdam.

Standard Chartered Bank
International Currencies Fund Limited is not available to citizens or residents of the United States of America and residents of Amsterdam. The price and value of investments can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

Your attention is drawn to the risk warnings and other important information regarding each product that are listed under “Product Specific Legal” on each product page.


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